What is sondermade about?

For those that don’t know the background as to my foray into leather goods started, here’s a link to our history. Basically, my father started out hand crafting each and every product himself before the business grew and he moved into mass production. The idea of “going back to the roots” one day has always been at the back of my mind.

In more recent times we started getting a lot of enquiries and suggestions with regards to our products:

“Can you increase the size of your laptop compartment to fit 15inch laptops? “

“You should make the Aimee Leather Tote about 2cm shorter in height – I’ll definitely buy it then”

“Will you ever make the Hepburn Bold Chain Satchel with a walnut crystal frame and green body? I think that would be an awesome combination.”

As much as I wanted to give everyone what they wanted, I knew it was impossible to mass produce a product that could satisfy everyone’s requirements and preferences. But what if I revisited my desire of going back to the Toscano’s roots - to create a platform that could make exactly what you guys wanted?

That’s when I decided to start a bespoke arm to cater to your wants and needs: full customisation of pretty much any leather-based product you desire, where each and every product is crafted exactly how you envisioned it to be, and more importantly, is as one of a kind as you are. We call it: sondermade by Tocco Toscano.