About sondermade

sondermade is a bespoke leather goods business by Tocco Toscano. At sondermade, we respect how unique each individual is and that the lives that we lead are all different. This means every leather piece we make isn’t just handmade, it’s sondermade. We go the extra mile to ensure that the end product is a reflection of who you are - one of a kind.

Having started his craft learning to bind leather books following several run-ins with the law, James Lor, founder of Tocco Toscano, fell in love with the process of making handmade leather goods - he went to Florence to undertake an apprenticeship at Tocco Toscano before taking over the brand to further establish its presence.

Following his success with Faire Leather Co. in 2017 and inspired by his father's start in the business, Joseph now aims to preserve the tradition of leather crafting with the finest precision, and fuse that with the ideas of today contributed by a young and experienced team.