The Team

Daniel Lor, CEO and Founder

As the brand’s Chief Executive Officer, Dan is responsible for the brand’s growth and expansion trajectory. Dan spent the first 3 years of his career with Ernst & Young before moving on to work in wealth management with Standard Chartered Bank.

Dan firmly believes that one should identify their passions and chase them fearlessly; to “embrace individuality”. If every individual charts their own path, success certainly follows in the long run. It is perhaps this belief that pushed him to leave a stable, well compensated, financially comfortable life to delve into entrepreneurial uncertainty - in a business that he finds purposeful and fulfilling.

Responding to the global trend of consumers demanding increasing levels of customisation, Dan is building a business that is poised to become a go-to online brand for bespoke luxury.

Joseph Lor, Advisor and Founder

Joseph brings seven years’ experience in the local leatherwork business. As a second generation entrepreneur, CEO of both Tocco Toscano and Faire Leather Co., Joseph recognises the importance of innovative technology in the Singapore retail landscape. Joseph expertly fuses the heritage and expertise of our leather artisans with the aesthetics and mindset of a new generation.

Ryan Choy, Head of Marketing

With his background in advertising and digital marketing, Ryan is responsible for the branding and marketing aspects of the brand. Currently the Chief Brand Officer for both Tocco Toscano and Faire Leather Co., Ryan is also responsible for customer engagement and the development of marketing insights for the brand.